cuckoo edible magic

At the turn of the moon for Tumaiguini (Chamoru New Year), a seam in the fabric of the universe tears open, allowing a malicious unknown Alien superpower to enter our world. Best friends, Ren and Mai, set out on a journey to get a rice cooker — unbeknownst to them, they’ve set out on a journey of chaotic self discovery, intense bart rides, and demon cuckoos. Oh, and there’s some Queer love and healing in there too.

Created as part of SFBATCO's Creators Lab.

Read Act I here!

the group of badass mermaids (and their maiden buddy) that saved a whole ass island as told by your Auntie Bobbie


Auntie Bobbie has sat you down to tell you the story of why Guam is shaped the way it is. Although she doesn't remember all of it, she tries her best. She does all the voices and sound effects. The story seems to dig a bit deeper into Auntie Bobbie's life than we would expect, helped by the many wine coolers that Auntie Bobbie is drinking.

Based on a traditional CHamoru folktale, The Young Maidens Who Saved Guam


2022 - Breaking Wave Theatre Company, directed by Sierra O'Neill


1W, 2M

Death decides to pay a visit to Leo, a writer living-somewhat-alone. Suddenly Leo's intrusive, but well-meaning neighbor, Gennie, barges in and reveals their neighbor has passed away. In a chaotic sequence of events, we learn more about Leo's relationship with death and the living. How would you handle death if Death was a handsome stranger who smells nice?


2018 - CSUF Advanced Directing, directed by Sarah Clack

(right) Leo Torrez, Tony Ayala, and Gennie Kauper in Deathdate, directed by Sarah Clack.