the twentieth century way

Written by Tom JacobsonProduced by Long Beach PlayhouseStage Managed by Nik LambFeatured: Noah Wagner, Christian Jordan Skinner


"In the hands of director Reed Flores, both Wagner and Skinner deliver exceptional performances. Yes, with so many characters popping in and out, it’s difficult at times to keep track of just what is going on, but it’s undeniable that something Big is happening here." - OC Weekly

"That emotional intensity is a testament to the playwright’s inspired meta-theatrical structure, as well as to director Reed Flores’s skill in managing the fast-paced story– including using subtle costume and lighting changes to mark character switches" - Signal Tribune

"Director Reed Flores’s staging helps Wagner and Skinner in all the right ways. The Twentieth-Century Way is talky by design, but Flores devises a variety of subtle shifts to keep it from ever feeling static or redundant. At the same time, he never loses focus on Jacobson’s nuanced and finely detailed dialog. The net result is an economic energy flow, with a perfect regulation of current that is always channeled to where it’s needed." - Random Lengths News